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Simple, yet elegant wedding tables
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Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center


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Wedding favors

Wedding favors are little gifts and the perfect way for the bride and groom to express their thanks to guests for participating in their wedding. Wedding favors are not required and are often replaced with Thank You notes, pictures of the happy couple, or a donation to a charitable organization.  How to Choose Your Wedding Favors.  Wedding favors can be anything, so be creative and express yourselves. As long as your wedding favors are memorable and have a personal touch, you can’t go wrong with anything from chocolate to personalized wine flutes.

Simple, yet elegant wedding tables

When putting together your wedding.  You will find that your wedding tables will be the primary piece of attraction for all of your guests.  As they sit on the chairs aligned with the tables, their eyes will go on the table more than they will on any other decorations.  Your wedding tables should be decorated enough to capture the attention of your guest.   Be very selective with the variety of wedding table decorations that can work best for your wedding.  You will find that initially covering your wedding table with a good piece of fabric will be the best idea and will help undertake your other ideas quite easily and help bring out that sophisticated look you are trying to reach.

Will you take the pledge?

Will you take the pledge?

Pick up a book and celebrate the love of reading on March 1st to commemorate the birthday of our beloved Dr. Seuss.

Motivating children to read is an important factor in student achievement and creating lifelong successful readers. Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend more time reading do better in school.

National Education Association's Read Across America Day is an annual reading event where every child in every community can pledge to read a book.


Good Morning everyone,
Today I have to tell you about a Gourmet Cake and Cupcake shop that I visited on yesterday!  I can not stop talking about this place.  They had the best cup cakes ever!!!!!!!!!
This is my go to place now.  I am recommending that all of my clients check this place out.  The are located at: 319 East Church Street and their hours are Tues-Sunday 12 Nonn - 6pm.
You can order there products at 301-898-2666 or my just simply stopping by:
Here are some samples of their work, enjoy!

Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center

The Perfect place to have your next event: Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Family Reunion, Corporate Meetings and Retreats and just about anything you can think of.
I was just here this past weekend at an event and the grounds are wonderful!  This place you must see.  If you live in the Richmond, VA area this is the place for you.  If not, this is your perfect destination place.
Just 12 miles north of Richmond, Wyndham Virginia Crossings welcomes guests into a unique setting of incomparable service.

The Barn and The Prom

Ok, we could not talk about the Prom and leave the girls out.  Today we are talking about The Barn again.
You must stop by to look at their prom dresses.  The Barn has the largest selection of prom gowns.  They have all of the current styles that are featured in "Teen, "Your Prom" and "Seventeen" Magazines.  They carry a wide range of sizes from 2-30W.  Ladies, they even have special orders and a layaway plan!
Keep in mind, if you are in need of a special order it can take any where from 2 to 4 months for prom dresses, so anyone having an April Prom will need to place that order this month (February).

It's Prom time! Are your guys ready?

With Prom just around the corner, we want to give the guys a little help with picking their boutonnieres.  You want to make sure that you match you dates dress, but put a little fun and you in it this time.  Here are some pictures to give you some ideas of what to get.  Let us know what you think!!!  Happy looking.......


Aboutonnière([butɔnjɛʁ]) is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a singlefloweror bud. The word comes from theFrenchword forbuttonhole, which is theBritishterm.
While worn frequently in the past, boutonnières are now usually reserved for special occasions for whichformal wearis standard, such as atproms,homecomings,funerals, andweddings. (Women who wear jackets on these occasions also often may wear "buttonholes", but more typically a woman would wear a

Event Planner

P & T Party Planners are ready to help with your next event.  We specialize in Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby showers, Corporate Events, Family Reunions and much, much more.  We would love to speak with you about hosting your next event...  Contact us at or 800-734-7298 to discuss in details.
Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon,
P&T Party Planners

Wedding Planner

Are you ready to host your next event?  It's that time a year again!  February is a big month for engagements!  Brides, we are ready to take all of your stress away.  Contact us at or 800-734-7298 to see how we can make all of your dreams come true.
This will be one phone call you will not regret!
We look forward to speaking to you soon,
P&T Party Planners